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Welcome To I-Farms

I-Farm Venture advisors partners with entrepreneurs and management teams to build profitable, scalable & socially responsible businesses that generate immense wealth for all stakeholders in the food & agribusiness space. Read More...

Our Focus Areas
Food Rural Markets
I-farms invests in food businesses across the entire chain, including Processed foods, Branded foods, Packaged foods, Ingredients and additives, Functional foods, Dairy, Poultry, Quick service restaurants. There is an immense potential in Rural markets which is still waiting to be tapped. With high GDP growth, and a more inclusive growth – the rural consumer is waiting to grasp the change that betters her lifestyle. I-Farms is looking at Rural Retail, Rural Healthcare, Rural Education and Rural Financial Services for investments.
AgriBusiness Services
Agribusinesses can be classified into farm inputs and farm outputs. Our focus areas include but not limited to agri-chemicals, seeds, micro-irrigations, farm equipments, vet medicines, animal feed and commodity trading & exports. It is extremely important to have support infrastructure and technology that boosts agricultural growth in the Indian economy. I-farms is keen to invest in the following sub-sectors in the services space including GIS/GPS, RFID technologies, Renewable energy and bio-fuels, Water treatment and waste water management, Cold chains and warehousing, and Logistics.