The I-Farm Way

  • We are a sector-focused fund and our sector-focus is governed by our operational experience of over 70 years in the food and agriculture space. Our themes are well thought of and clearly defined.
  • Detailed understanding of each of the sub-sectors – including a top-down and a bottom-up analysis and clearly defining the parts of the value chain that we wish to invest in
  • Having our roots in our focus areas equips us with a unique capability of doing business due-diligence prior to making the investment
  • We believe in partnering with our portfolio companies and providing them access to
    • New markets/customers
    • Building customer-supplier linkages
    • Inorganic growth opportunities
    • Vast network of industry experts
    • Additional management capability including ability to attract intellectual capital
    • Systems and processes
    • Institutional alliance network with access to best practices for all support functions
  • We are in a better position to understand and empathize with the portfolio company management as we have build businesses ourselves
  • Our global industry network puts us in a much better position to provide strategic exits to our portfolio companies
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