Our Investment Process

We follow extremely rigorous and disciplined investment process which typically needs a time frame of 3-5 months from initial evaluation to closure of a transaction. 

Initial evaluation of the company is based on our value chain analysis of the sector. The company also has to fit our investment strategy and investment criteria. This exercise would take 3-4 days from the receipt of the proposal 

Detailed evaluation is based on assessing the business model in detail, working with the entrepreneur on alignment of interest, agreeing on the future growth strategy for the company, ascertaining the funding need in the company, discussing valuation and exit options and then giving a term sheet. This process would take about 30-45 days. 

A detailed due diligence follows post the signing of the term sheet. Business due diligence is done through in-house team with operating experience, and also through our network of industry experts and advisory board. External agencies do the legal and financial due diligence. Due diligence findings are discussed and if required, modifications are made in the investment terms. This process takes about 30-45 days. 

Post this – all the legal documentation is prepared, finalized, signed, and funds are disbursed. It is imperative that all the conditions precedent in the documentation are fulfilled. This process takes another 30-45 days.